Free, No-Hassle Therapy

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. works extensively with the California Victim Compensation Program to provide free therapy to people who have witnessed or have been the victim of a violent crime, such as child abuse, domestic violence, assault, or homicide. Give us a call and we'll handle all the details to help you apply.

  • Did you know that almost every child in the foster care system qualifies for free mental health funding though the Victim Compensation Fund?
  • Did you know that adults who suffered as a minor have until the age of 28 to apply for Victim Compensation funds?
  • Did you know that there's no shortage of licensed, experienced therapists who are eager to see clients through the Victim Compensation Program, with no waiting lists (unlike MediCal)?

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. helps people feel great and do their best. We specialize in helping families, children, and individual adults work through problems and work toward goals to lead happy, successful lives.

How To Refer Clients

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. accepts referrals in the following ways:

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. attempts to operate as efficiently as possible, so we can afford to recruit and retain the best clinicians. At this time we do not have staff available to answer phone referral requests, so we ask that you leave client contact information on our secure and confidential voice mail system.

Alexis Stricker Joins Us In San Francisco!

Alexis Stricker joins Blackbird to offer attachment and somatic focused therapy, with a focus on adopted children, in San Francisco!


Announcing our Vicarious Trauma Workshop!

Vicarious trauma happens when you become overwhelmed and burned out from caring for traumatized people. CEUs for MFTs and LCSWs ... details

Learn the "Secrets" of VOC!

In this free workshop you'll learn which of your clients qualify for VOC funding as well as how to connect your clients with experienced therapists in private practice.